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Přihlašování na Boleslaw Kominek Youth European Forum 2017

4. 7. 2017
Fórum evropské mládeže zve všechny studenty a absolventy magisterských či doktorských programů, kteří májí zájem o společenské a politické otázky současnosti i budoucnosti Evropské unie k účasti na společném týdenním projektu na přelomu září a října 2017. Podmínkou účasti je znalost angličtiny. Přihlásit se je možné na e-mailové adrese do 9. července 2017.
Podrobné informace najdete na webu EFM a také v níže uvedeném popisu:
Boleslaw Kominek Youth European Forum 2017
The Forum aims to create a means of exchange of ideas and experiences about Europe for young people from all over the Europe. This will not be just another historical symposium which simply broadens ones’ theoretical knowledge. On the contrary, our focus will be on international cooperation, dialogue and value-based leadership, to engage and find real solutions to problems Europe faces today. As such, the project will be based on three pillars: conversation – experience – practice.
As a small group of participants, the team will begin the Forum in Brussels, the city symbolic of the European Union and our post-war history. There, our initial conversations will draw inspiration from Cardinal Kominek’s 1965 letter. We will then travel to Poland, where participants will get the opportunity to visit the Memorial and Museum of Auschwitz-Birkenau. Our programme will resume in the city of Wroclaw, where the post-war idea of reconciliation developed. We will try to end the project with a collective reflection and collaboration of our ideas in a public presentation of the proposals developed throughout the week.
Application and additional information
To participate in the Forum we invite Master and PhD students, as well as young professionals, who are interested in social and political issues. The only entry requirement we seek is proficiency in English. To apply, we ask those interested to email their CV to Please ensure to provide a contact telephone number, in case we require to get in touch to discuss the application further. By doing so, participants assure their full participation in the programme from morning on Monday 25th of September until the afternoon on Sunday 1st of October, if successful in their application. This can mean a trip on Sunday 24th of September and on Monday 2nd of October.
All expenses incurred throughout the session (including accommodation and food) will be covered by the Forum Organizer. Travel expenses will be partly reimbursed after providing relevant documents.
Why to participate in Boleslaw Kominek Youth European Forum?
Boleslaw Kominek Youth European Forum is a project organised for the third time by the Young Republic Foundation and The Remembrance and the Future Institute from the city of Wroclaw together with the Member of European Parliament Mr Kazimierz Michał Ujazdowski.
After the success of two previous sessions, we are pleased to invite you to recruit this year’s edition, where participants will work alongside practicing professionals like politicians, world-leading intellectualists, cultural managers and people involved in social issues. This will be an excellent opportunity to participate in an ambitious conversation of the young generation.
Schedule of the event
Recruitment deadline: 9th July
Dates of the Forum: 25th September-1st October